„When the mind is controlled, stilled and silenced, what remains is the soul.“

Yoga means unity. Yoga means unification.
These are the first lines at the beginning of BKS Iyengars writing ‘The tree of yoga’.
A statement that reads simple and profound at the same time. As yoga itself.

Yoga is a path towards unification with ones Self . It is a thousand year old practice. The goal in Yoga is to guide one towards a inner and outer clarity through intensive physical, spiritual and emotional training. In all its forms, Yoga is basically the practice of developing freedom by freeing oneself from involvement, suffering and illusion through the passionate, individual search for a connection with a greater whole.

In descriptions of Hatha Yoga, the body is described as the temple of truth, of knowledge and of experience. By working on the body, the distracted spirit becomes concentrated and this energy can be channeled into creative directions. By practicing regularly, a variety of poses and breathing techniques, the practitioner is able to alter ingrained habits, to develop a steady calmness, and to delve deeper towards the inner self.